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3 min readNov 7, 2023

The Community Legend Program Begins!

Legends! Welcome to the Kinza Finance Community Legend program. Each week, standout community members will be chosen for their contributions with a prize in the form of Kinza Airdrop Points! These prizes will be given to members who bring positive energy, support the project, contribute to our products, spread the word, and create.

Getting Started

To kick-off the Community Legend program, we are celebrating and highlighting active and supportive users who have brought value to our communities up to this point in our Telegram, and Discord communities.

As a sign of our appreciation, 10 Community members have been selected and will be rewarded with 300 Airdrop Points! Come check out the Kinza Finance Discord for a full list of the first Community Legend prize winners

Legend Status

What makes a Legend a Legend. Well, it depends. What is undeniable is that we know a Community Legend when we see one. Here are some of the member actions we will be looking out for in our Telegram and Discord communities each week:

Creative Legend: These legends put their skills to work creating and sharing memes, GIFs, graphics, animations, infographics, and more. They celebrate achievements, features, and highlight information about Kinza Finance.

Info Legend: These legends are always present in the chat, welcoming new members, keeping up with all things Kinza. They know where we’ve come and where we are going. They can point people in the right direction for information, and build the collective Kinza Finance knowledge in the chat.

Protocol Legend: These legends are active Kinza Finance users. They know the protocol in and out, have tested features, know what’s in the pipeline, and know their way around the mainnet. They can help new users get started, they track down bugs, suggest improvements, and share tips and tricks for getting the most out of Kinza Finance.

Liquidity Legend: These legends contributed significantly to the protocol with deposits, or generated an impressive wave of referrals and referred TVL over the previous week.

Weekly Prize

Each week, standout users will be selected to win Kinza Finance Airdrop Points. Additionally, winners will receive a special Community Legend Discord role. The number of winners will be chosen according to activity that week and the number of Legends we see.

Airdrop Points? Yes! The Airdrop Points System is the primary weighing factor that determines how much of the $KZA airdrop users will get following our Token Generation Event. The more points you have, the more of the $KZA airdrop you can secure.

For more information on the Airdrop Points System, check out this article: https://kinzafinance.medium.com/introducing-the-kinza-airdrop-points-system-664eb76ffd2f

Selected Community Legend winners will earn our weekly prize of up to 50 points.

Are You a Community Legend?

Come join us in our communities to celebrate the first Community Legend winners as we get the program started.

Discord — https://discord.gg/JFXTEp8Nub

Telegram https://t.me/kinza_finance


Keep track of all things Kinza at the following links:

Kinza Mainnet: http://app.kinza.finance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kinzafinance

Website: https://kinza.finance

Documentation: https://docs.kinza.finance



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