Introducing the Kinza Airdrop Points System

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2 min readNov 1, 2023

Welcome to Kinza Airdrop Points

Preparing for the KZA Airdrop

Welcome to the Kinza Airdrop Points System. This point system gives users a preview into how much airdrop they can get following TGE according to two factors. The first, is the amount of user deposited liquidity. The second factor is time. The longer you hold liquidity on the platform, the more points you earn, and the larger eligible airdrop allocation you generate. On top of that, there will continue to be events and other opportunities for earning Kinza Airdrop Points.

Furthermore, to show our appreciation for the early support from these users, those who have already provided and held liquidity on the Kinza mainnet will receive a 10% bonus added onto the points they have accumulated so far!

How it Works

For example, if Bob deposits and holds $100 on Kinza Finance for one day, and Alice deposits and holds $50 for two days, they would both earn 1 base point. The price of tokens are considered overtime and factored into the earning mechanism.

On top of base points, there’re also 10% bonus for binding a referrer, and 10% bonus of referee’s total points.

Airdrop Page

To view your earned Airdrop Points, navigate to the Airdrop section of Kinza DApp. You will also see the Airdrop button next to your wallet address to the top right of the Kinza DApp. Here, you will be able to view your Airdrop Points, as well as send invites and explore your referrals. Your Airdrop Points are updated everyday at 0 UTC time, according to the current value of the liquidity you have supplied.

Liquidity provision is the primary action that is rewarded with Airdrop Points, but stay tuned for campaigns, events, and other actions for more opportunities to gain points and increase your allocation.

Supporting Our Supporters

Huge appreciation to our early supporters! We will add 10% bonus to all points earned prior to the launch of this points system.

The Kinza Airdrop Point system and the Kinza Referral Program, work hand-in-hand to reward our community members and early supporters from mainnet launch to TGE. This point system scans the protocol history and generates the applicable points for users who have already deposited to Kinza.

From Points to $KZA

At the time of TGE and prior to the KZA airdrop, the Points System will be the primary factor that determines how the KZA airdrop is distributed. The more points you have, the larger your airdrop. That being said, it is not a 1:1 conversion — 1 Kinza Airdrop Point does not equate to 1 KZA.


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